How To Use Headphones Mic On Pc

This picture is related to how to use headphones mic on pc and  it show clearly what is headphone and how  to use the headphones and with headphones is best for pc

Headphones have a very similar structure as a microphone. The microphone is dependent on vibrating diaphragms, even earphone’s also operated the same job and the thing that you want to use headphones mic on PC,

first, plug the headphones into the mic ( input jack) open the PC and choose to manage audio devices, and check it picks input. If we use a mic for the PC then hook the phone to the windows computer by the use of a headphone jack and the phone will function as a computer microphone.

Wo mic turns your phone to be a microphone for your computer act as a real microphone.

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What is Headset Use a headset on Windows

this is related to what is the headset and how to use  this headset and what is the feature of this headset most people use headset.

Firstly headset is a set of headphones used for telephone or communication, it gives you a head free option.

Commonly headsets are used in customer service for talking to customers or typing something into a computer.

Headphones are better than earbuds because it’s outside from ear & earbuds deliver music inside which is not maybe good for health, maybe weak the hearing capacity of an ear.

Affordable headsets have jacks one green for audio and another pink for the microphone. If once you connected the headphones mic headset to PC, you have the best sound levels, and the audio is dependent on communication that the headset utilizes, and then testing the output that you select for the right device, and you test this from function in Windows.


As we already discuss that microphone plugged into the pink jack on your PC. After that, we test our microphone in Windows 7 and check the proper connection, and open the control panel.

And choose Ease of Access then set up Microphone, after all of that adjust the Microphone volume screen, if you are day satisfied then bail on the wizard otherwise click the finish button.


this is microphone and and show that how to connect a micro phones to c this is one of the best micro phones for the use,

Learn that how to fix settings when microphone is not working.

First check the microphone are configured in Windows 7.

Check green bars rising when you speak then go to menu and click “control panel”.

Come on sound means click on “Manage audio devices”, then view the recording device list.

Speak into microphone if green bars rising that means microphone is configured.

If your microphone is in the setting, but green bars not rising when you speak then what you do.h

Click on” Set Default” and click on the levels tab. Drag the Microphone Boost l” and then you click on the advanced tab and allow applications that control this device and then you click on OK.

Let’s check the green bars rising when you speak, if rising that mean microphoneconfigured and you can hear from microphone.

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Some Qualities and Tips of  Microphone

Always use those microphone or headset that’s compatible with each other.

Microphones are used for over one hundred years, in a form of carbon microphone in telephones.

Many people don’t know that microphone and mic have same basic function.

Microphone are classified into three groups  Dynamic, Condenser, Ribbon.


You use a pair of headphones within mic for your phone but you also use it for desktop PC, plug into desktop headphones with or into a microphone you can use both. We can use Bluetooth also if we have headphones, but maybe it gives not too good quality.

Using it on my PC application the problem will solve just get an adapter that splits signal if we want something more trustable than getting a USB sound card, but these all are not very much expensive.

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