How To make Noise Cancelling Headphones

What are Headphones?

If are Know about the Noise cancelling headphones? Headphones are a small pair of speakers normally wired and wireless and used to hear a sound. They can also be used to make calls. It allows you to hear sound clearly in its noisy environment.

They are also known as ear bugs and are placed in the outer part of your ear. Just like speakers they also contain transducers which will convert the audio file into sound waves. It allows a single user to listen to audio from a source privately without any disturbance.

Who Invented Headphones?

The first headphones were invented by Nathalie Baldwin in 1910. He made them in the kitchen with his hand and sold them to the Navy. with the emerging technology, many e types were further invented with different features.

Headphones Reduces Noise?

Headphones reduce the noise by using phenomena known as anti-phase. Through active noise cancellation, it picks only low-frequency noise and neutralizes it before it reaches the ear. According to phenomena two sounds are generated which later on cancel the effect of each other.

Major Types Of Headphones?

Different types of headphones available are

  • On-ear headphone
  • Over-ear headphone
  • Earbud
  • Noise cancellation headphone

Over Ear Headphones

when we talk about headphones they are the first one that comes in your mind. Over-ear headphones are big in size and you have to place them over the ear. Then they cover the full ear that does not allow the external noise to enter the ear and allow you to hear the best quality of music without any noise.

These are super comfortable fit to your ear. They are available in many variants and qualities. They have good passive noise isolation which improves the listening quality.

One of their drawbacks is that they are least portable due to their big size. They are not suitable for outdoor activities as they are big in size.

Classis Earbuds

Classic earbuds are also known as earphones. This is the first type that came along popular walkmans and iPads. They rest on the entrance of your ear and do not go inside the ear. Their portability is excellent and you can easily bring it for outdoor activities. They are cheaper than other types due to their low manufacturing cost. many people find them comfortable as compared to other types of earphones.mostly number one choice for sports lover as they are waterproof and sweat to not affect their quality.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones uses noise control function which produces unwanted sound and makes audio clear and excellent in quality to hear. It allows you to listen to the audio without increasing the volume to an exclusive level. It can also help a passenger sleep calmly during the journey without any disturbance.

Noise cancelling headphones do not reduce all the voices. It only reduces low pitch voices but random voices with higher pitch are still hearable.

On Ear Headphones

These headphones have smaller ear cups which make them portable.due to their small size and less weight it is convenient to bring them outside. They can produce good quality voice if you choose the best quality model. you can use them for sports and running as they are easily portable.

They are not comfortable with ear health due to pressure on the earlobes. One may suffer from sound leakage that is another person can hear the sound you are listening. You can find them with traveling DJs who have to travel from party to party. You can also find them in gem as they are suitable while doing exercise.

In Ear Headphone

in-ear headphones are also known as earbuds and are the smallest type of headphones.we call them in-ear headphone because the part which is used to listen to music is placed inside the ear.

A tube goes inside the ear canal to get the source of music as close to the eardrum as possible to give your maximum quality voice. They are available both in wired and non-wired forms. Wireless forms are more common nowadays.

Advantages Of Headphones?

Use headphones to offer hearing protection against a certain level of noise. It works on all external noise up to a certain frequency. There is no need to replace the sound with a louder sound.

Keeping the volume level of the music down you can enjoy it without any disturbance. This feature is good for health has a loud voice can damage your ear’s health and ability to hear.

These are also of great advantages for toddlers who are traveling on airplane. It will help them to block outside noise and sleep read or study comfortably during their journey. People normally turn the music volume level to a high degree as they want to listen to music clearly. This feature allows them to listen to music clearly without increasing the volume to a great extent.

Many students find it difficult to concentrate during studies in a noisy environments. Sound is distracting them all the time. These headphones will help them to maintain their concentration keeping silence to a certain level.

Disadvantages Of Headphones

They are expensive than ordinary Headphones due to the extra cost beered to implant technology. The noise-cancelling feature which is required to cancel the noise may reduce audio quality and may introduce some high-frequency hiss.

They can be bulky or heavier than ordinary headphones as they might need batteries to be operated. This is not suitable for reducing sudden sound like a sound of gunshot.

A noise cancelling headphones charge you 10 times more than ordinary headphones. You can get the matching quality by increasing the volume of ordinary headphones.

Many noise cancelling headphones need batteries that consumes a reasonable amount of power. they cannot block all the sounds on with the sounds with not song vs cancel with the technology.

How To Choose Best Headphones For Podcast ?

  • choose the best one that is suitable with your budget with maximum features in it
  • keep your comfort in mind don’t buy the headphones which causes soreness of your ears
  • choose the option which allows you to listen podcast giving maximum sound quality.
  • choose the type  either Bluetooth wired or wireless which are more convenient for you.

Why doctors Are Against The Use Of Headphones?

wearing headphones too long mein fact the health of your ear and also the hearing ability. There are also chances that you get some kind of ear infection. You may suffer from vertigo. Vertigo is a sensation of feeling off balance. If you are using wireless headphones you are constantly facing the radiations and a long exposure to radiation may damage your health in various ways.

Keep your health safe and always use new headphone don’t go for second hand one. Ki davaiyan less than 80% to ensure the health of your eardrum. Never force your airbuds deeper into your canal. Go for medical consultation if you suffer from dizziness or difficulty in maintaining the balance of your body

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