How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Ps3

Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Ps3. Play stations have been in the market for quite a long time. Firstly, they were introduced as a gaming device, but they become a home multimedia hub and gaming purpose soon with more and more modifications.

 In today’s world, almost every home has a Playstation in their home; whether it is an old model or the latest, everyone likes to have a PlayStation for themselves as it is an excellent entertainment source.

 Especially For Kids

Gaming is like part and parcel for the teens and kids these days. Like that, adults are also getting affected due to their attractiveness as it is a good source of entertainment during your free time.

One PlayStation device called PS3 is an example of all the qualities stated above. Along with the other modified features, another good option that this model is providing is wireless devices. 

You can connect any wireless device with it without any problem, especially the headphones, as they are quite an essential part while gaming as you have to communicate throughout.

But now the problem comes here and what is that:

You do not know “How to connect the Bluetooth headphones with the PS3”?

This is something that many consumers have asked, and the purpose of this article is to provide you with a full guide on how you can connect headphones to the Ps3.

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Pairing the Headset With The Play Station PS3.

Here is the step by step guide that how you pair your Bluetooth headphones connect to the PS3.

  • Firstly open your play station three and go to the menu. Click on the settings.
  • Now go to the accessory settings and look for the options od manage Bluetooth devices option.
  • Before pairing, you have to make sure that your device is compatible with the play station; otherwise, it will not pair, and you will have to buy another machine. So always make sure that your device is compatible.
  • After you have accessed the Bluetooth option, there will be an option to register the Bluetooth devices. Click on that.
  • The computer will ask you to search for the Bluetooth device. Click on the ok option and wait for your device to appear. If it does not appear, then refresh and start searching again.
  • If your device is compatible, it will appear, and the console will pair them up. 
  • After they are paired, now complete the registration by entering the key pin of the Bluetooth headset. It is essential to ensure safety.
  • After the pairing is successful, your Bluetooth headphones will flash a blue light means your device has been connect successfully ps3.

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Some important points to note while pairing the device:

  • While you are pairing, you can only pair one device at a time. So if you want another device to pair, you would have to unpair the first one.
  • Be sure that your Headset is in a suitable range to pair. If it’s not, then your play station will not be able to pair with it.
  • While you are using the Headset keep it in the range; otherwise, it will disconnect.

Setting the paired Bluetooth Headphones as the Default Device

Now, as you have paired your Headset it is also beneficial that you set it as the default input device so that next time whenever you open your station, your Bluetooth headphones automatically connect to the PS3.

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For that, all you have to do is:

  • Again go to the menu of your PS3 and go for the Accessory settings.
  • Now select the Audio device setting option.
  • Now go for the input device option. Click the X button on your controller to access it. Select the desired microphone option that is according to your device and then again clicks the X button.
  • Now go for the output deviceoption. Search your headset option and click the X button of your controller.
  • And your device is now set up as the default one.
  • You will be able to hear all the voices, sounds, and chats through your Headset.
  • Now for the last task, you have to set up your microphone to talk it through. 
  •  For that, speak through the microphone and see what the voice level is. Is it to string and too soft? If it is, then adjusting the volume level.
  • But if you like to hear the sounds f your game on your television, then do not go for the output device option.

And there you go. Your problem with connecting the Headphone to Ps3 is solved, and you are already set to play on your Play Station 3. So this was the most straightforward and efficient way of connecting the headphones to the PS3.

Frequently Asked Questions

As now we are here to solve your problem, some questions have been asked by consumers a lot. So let’s answer them:

1.can powerbeats pro connect to ps3?

You first have to check whether it is compatible with the play station or not, as it is mentioned that use those headphones compatible with the PS3.

2. can I connect AirPods to ps3?

No, because the AirPods are not compatible, they don’t even pair with the PS4. And even if you find any procedure, it is going to be difficult. So it is advised not to go for it.

3. What are the examples of compatible headphones?

The headphones that you can use with these are:

  • Skullcandy Bluetooth headphones They have many models that are compatible with connect PS3 like Skullcandy Crusher 360, Skullcandy Hesh 3, Skullcandy Wireless, or Skullcandy Venue.
  • Sony Bluetooth Headphones. These are also the best option to go for.

The models that go with the PS3 are Sony WF-1000X, Sony WH-1000XM2, Sony MDR-1000X, Sony WH-1000XM3, etc.

4. My PS3 Bluetooth Headset Not working. What to do?

Switch off your Bluetooth headset. Go to the menu, then accessory settings, and then to the Bluetooth devices options. If you see a blue dot next to your headset option, then highlight the triangle option, and your Headset will be connected.

5. I can’t hear any sound. Why?

It is because maybe your headset os not the right fit for the PS3. So either go for the compatible headset options as we mentioned above, or you can go for the home theatre speaker system or simply RCAS to plug in your PS3.

6. I have the JBL Bluetooth Headphones. Will they work with the PS3?

Yes, the JBL headphones are another set of headphones that work well with the Ps3. So there should be no problem in pairing up these with your play station.

7. I am having the issue with the key pin. Now, what to do?

Don’t worry. The key pin is present on your Bluetooth headset. If not, then mostly the default headset key is 0000. You can enter that, Or you can check in your headset manual. It will be listed there.

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So this brings us to the end of this solution guide. We hope that with the help of our guide, you understood how you could connect headphones to the PS3. Connecting headphones to the PS3 is not tricky, and now if some ask how to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS3, then don’t hesitate to answer.

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